Next Release: To be 35% complete

The next release will be on April 8, 2018. I’ve already released the last version which can be found on this link: It really has been a while since I’ve posted hasn’t it? It’s about time to start adding more pictures and update that background. See you soon.


News Update! Port Vincent version 0.0.9 coming soon

I’m back. First of all I’d like to apologize that I haven’t been posting. I’ll try to get back to way it used to be with me posting more articles and updates on the Port Vincent Island. During the time I’m writing this (12:16 PM CST, 12/15/2017), the island is exactly 17.4% complete and I should be continuing to work towards 18% (which should be done this weekend) and release the link. There is a lot of things that have changed and that have been done in Port Vincent these past few weeks. First of all, is the complete of the Central Business District (Downtown area). All 40 high-rises have been completed fully and I think this city is the one with the most “high-rises” in survival craft!(Hopefully). If you have or know of any city with more, let me know. I also have to begin working on the main city district’s buildings. Second of all, is the railroad. It isn’t too long yet, but I have made some progress, and I believe I’ve spent 45 minutes on it so far, so that’s just the start of it. I plan for the railroad to go perpendicular to the ocean on the city, and to go south inland all the way until the railroad reaches the southern tip of the island. Of course there will be more railroads running through the countryside, but this one will be mainly used for freight; not passengers, at least for now. The pier still has to be upgraded so it can send shipments on cargo boats and toward the inland towns.

Port Vincent News Update

Alright everyone, now that it’s been a week since I published Version 0.0.6, I can tell you the release date for Version 0.0.7. And that day is going to be November 17,2017 at around 10:00 PM CST, so stay tuned for that day if you would like to receive the next version as soon as possible. Now, let me tell you what I’ve been working on. Ever since Version 0.0.3, I’ve been keeping track of what I’ve spent time on, and what I’m going to spend time on. And Version 0.0.7 is going to see more change due to a change in the list today.

I’ve made it so that Exterior Construction projects account for 30% of the hours spent, and another 25-30% will go to road infrastructure. The other 30% or so will be smaller things, like Agriculture, Military, Cars, Interior Construction, Energy, etc. If my estimate is correct as I’m writing this, the downtown will probably be complete by Version 0.0.8. That’s exciting as I want to move on to build townhouses in the city. Port Vincent City will only have 40 high-rises, but it will have a total of 80 townhouses.

The reason I moved these time-to-be-spent-on work plans around a bit is I noticed that construction in the city and road building were lagging behind a lot. The world is 12% complete but we still don’t even have a quarter of the city built? How the hell are we going to build all the other towns on time then? So this is why I moved it around. I wish I could spend even more time on exterior construction, and maybe I can, but we’ll just have to wait until the next version to see how the stats add up so we can properly calculate hours spent on each project.

Let’s hope the plan we have now works out and improves progress.

Whats New in 0.0.6?

The power plant is now producing enough power to travel to the rural part of Port Vincent and even the military base! Here’s a picture of power lines leading from the power plant south, inland.

Survivalcraft 2017-10-14 18-27-34

Below we have our farmland, where the power lines run through the landscape to get to the military base. The farmland has also improved this version.

Survivalcraft 2017-10-14 18-28-40

The gravel path leads to the main part of the military base, from the horizontal road seen in the farmland photo.

Survivalcraft 2017-10-14 18-29-35

Observe how the power lines lead to the military base, supplying it with the power it needs to power many things,

Survivalcraft 2017-10-14 18-30-00

Including the automatic night-time runway lights:

Survivalcraft 2017-10-14 18-30-35